Let Us Earn Your Trust!

We've Been Here for a While.

Kanuck Trading Co. was established and registered in 1997 with its main office located in Canada.

One Simple Principle

Over the past two decades, Kanuck has accumulated a strong and healthy market trust through a simple principle: Earn Trust!

Wide Range

Kanuck is among the leading distributors of Electrical, Mechanical and Hardware products.

Reliable Support

Kanuck Trading Co. has been providing support and services to all major industries, contractors and traders in the region.

"Best partner we could get"

Walter Simpson Marshalls, Toronto, Canada

"Always a real pleasure to work with Kanuck Trading."

Vanessa Pullman Moores Retail Group, Montreal, Canada

Kanuck Trading Co is always at the forefront of technology

We are making trading as easy and simple as possible. We strive to continue to innovate, improve and help our clients reach their individual goals. Kanuck Trading Company has a highly experienced management team, with diverse expertise in the material supply field. As a company, each line specialty has an experienced manager with over 10 years of experience with those products. Over the years the company has gained the reputation in service, product knowledge and competitive pricing. In addition, Kanuck Trading Company has the ability to offer dollar saving advice and has key links to major suppliers with the right materials for your project.

Our distribution per industry

Mechanical products


Electrical products


Hardware products


Other products